Elder Fraud and Abuse Investigations

Elder Hands 300With the senior population overtaking their offspring in numbers, it’s fortunate that there are so many excellent laws guarding their well being.  But many seniors are afraid or embarassed to ask for help.  They may be afraid that they’ll be declared incompetent, or lose their rights.  If you have an elder loved one to care for, you may be hiring home health care providers or screening nursing homes.  Your senior loved one may be under the influence of someone unsavory, who is isolating or defrauding them.  We’re expert in these cases whether they involve romance or financial scams, or nursing home or psychiatric abuse.  We have extensive experience and resources in all of this, and will fight for you and your loved one.

If you you’re a senior who has questions, don’t be embarassed or afraid to ask us, we will guard your confidentiality as the law allows, and advocate for you as needed.  Better safe than sorry. 😉