Background Investigations

Are you dating online?

Are you renting out a room or property?

Have you or a loved one begun a romance?

Are you hiring a handyman, nanny or other domestic?

Are you planning a lawsuit and want to know if it’s a worthwhile pursuit, and where the assets are now?

Savvy people today are doing their homework. While background investigations for the purpose of pre-employment screening are more important than ever, many have realized that it’s smart to check out anyone they plan to partner with in any way, be it in business or their personal lives.

Profiles on an individual’s professional, educational and personal background have become invaluable.

Never before has the need to know the character of prospective tenants, employees or business associates been so vital. In addition, many people are now meeting via dating services or on the internet. The best thing that you can do is to confirm that your new friend or romantic interest is who they say they are, both for your safety and your peace of mind.  Find out right away who you’re dealing with, before any harm is done, Or you just might find out they’re the perfect person, so you can relax and enjoy the relationship.