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School Bus 300At the start of each school year, parents have piles of forms to complete, full of legal agreements and personal information. While they can be daunting to understand, we can’t just click “I agree” without reading, like many do with internet terms of service and the like. In one experiment an internet company had hundreds or thousands of people agree to sell their souls to the devil, before one or two actually read the terms. While our school systems aren’t “the devil,” we need to be a little more careful with what we agree to on our children’s behalf.

Children are at risk for identity theft. Many don’t discover the problem until they are old enough to apply for credit. A lot of damage can be done in the interim. Fortunately our children’s school information is very closely guarded. Still, at some point it may be requested by another institution. You can request that your child’s Social Security Number be removed, per the Social Security Act. Under some circumstances you can obtain very low cost ID Theft Shield for your children.

Unless you home school your children, they will be exposed to much more than academics once they enter the system. While exposure to outside values is good, as parents we are concerned that those values they adopt are good ones. It is our responsibility to help our children make choices we believe will help them develop into the happiest, healthiest and most successful adults they can be. We don’t have to surrender our parental right to send our children off in directions we feel will be most beneficial to them.

It is your right to have the school enrollment documents reviewed by an attorney. This does not have to be expensive. You may be able to alter or opt out of certain parts. The following parental opt out letter can be utilized as well, to ensure that you are kept aware of what your child is being taught, and given a chance to opt out of lessons of which you disapprove. You should edit it to suit your situation and beliefs:


Date: ________

To: ________
________ School
Address: ________

Cc: ________ Assistant Principals;
________ Teachers

I, ________ parent of ________, have chosen NOT to delegate my responsibility in the following areas of education or health to any teacher, administrator, guest speaker, medical practitioner or agent:

1. Family planning or non-emergency health services, referrals or programs
2. Sex education, family living, alternative lifestyles, or diversity
3. AIDS or STD’s
4. “Decision Making” that is not directly related to academic studies
5. Teenage Health Consultant Programs
6. Homosexuality and/or Multiculturalism or Globalism
7. Affective Education (feelings) or “values” training
8. Population control or overpopulation (Large Family bias)
9. Suicide, euthanasia, dying, or death
10. Psychological self esteem, opinion, attitude, or value surveys.
11. Environmentalism that is biased or has New Age/One World/Globalism as an agenda association
12. Drugs and alcohol abuse or prevention

Because I as parent of ________ provide for the above listed training, I:

1. Request that (s)he be sent to the library with an academic assignment each time that these topics are to be discussed in class

2. Request to be notified weekly if our request(s) require more than one hour of alternative library study per week

3. Request that there be no referral for any prevention, intervention or aftercare program or services of any organization or agency (whether internal or external), even if the law might allow treatment without parent/guardian consent.

4. Request that I be contacted prior to any disciplinary action or counseling

5. Defer permission for all emotional wellness, psychological, guided imagery, health or other surveys, studies, evaluations or screenings..

6. Do not authorize the use of his/her Social Security Number for any reason, and insist that it be removed from any documents on which the school and/or administration may have it listed, as the Social Security Act 42 USCA § 405, does not grant schools use authorization.

7. Be contacted immediately with any academic, behavioral, or health concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation. Most Respectfully,

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